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  1. ElecTrip is 60% lower in cost than flights. One flat rate for the whole vehicle makes it an excellent option for teams. "Like a professional limo that's actually cost-competitive with all other travel options .
  2. -Non-Exclusive Rights (ElekTrip keeps full rights) Unlimited Lease. €,Untagged & WAV Track-outs -Unlimited Distribution -Highest Quality WAV (lossless) -Exclusive & Permanent Purchase -Royalty Free -Unlimited commercial use (Album, Mixtape, Streaming, Radio).
  3. A new beat every Week!! FREE TO USE BEATS FOR NON-PROFIT: TELL ME AND QUOTE (Prod. ElekTrip) FOR BUSINESS CONTACT ME: Instagram: @fred_mge Mail: elektrip.p.
  4. Elektrip's performances consist of a colourful balance between intricate arrangements and experimental improvisational play. It get's saucy!!! The sound of Elektrip consists of rock and groove, with hints of electronic samples. The balance within the group is maintained through the shared expression between a particular vocal articulation and a.
  5. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow thesnyropacfeaco.swizcantosucacomppobiguzzwardfurti.co more.
  6. The EleKtriP project leans towards a jazzyfusion groove that doesn’t seek to be labelled, but to put forth to large audiences a sort of eclectic and energetic music coupled with some vocal gimmicks. Adrien Coulomb (Electric Bass and Double Bass Player).
  7. May 01,  · Elektrip emerged from a local energy cooperation, and both MyWheels and Buurauto collaborate with energy cooperations, mainly to include them as launching customers. eCarshare was established by a foundation for the electrification of mobility that is also connected to Elektrip .
  8. Elektrip is het platform voor het delen van elektrische auto's van burgercoöperatie LochemEnergie. Je kan op allerlei manieren meedoen: huren, adopteren, kopen of eigen auto delen. Zie de opties op deze pagina. Maar we doen meer.

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